Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Product Roundup 2014


"Product Roundup" of the latest Fertilizer and Soil Amendment offerings from some of the industry's leading suppliers.

Chandler Dry Seed Treat from MidWest Bio-Tech


Give plant roots a biological boost to higher yields. Chandler Dry Seed Treat is a talc-based enzyme seed treatment that improves emergence and early plant health in corn, soybeans and other seeded crops. The main ingredients are nontoxic enzymes that initiate an early start to seed germination. It also includes trace amounts of micronutrients to feed the soil microbes that promote emergence and early root growth. The seedlings emerge faster and build a deeper root system. This helps seedlings access more water and nutrients so they can overcome early-season problems like insect/disease damage, cool or crusted soils, excessively dry or wet weather, or heavy residue cover.

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Pro-Germinator® from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers


Phosphorus is a critical nutrient for plant health in both the early stages of crop development as well as during reproduction. AgroLiquid’s Pro-Germinator is formulated to be available to the crop during both stages. A low-salt, planting-time fertilizer that is seed safe for most crops, Pro-Germinator permeates the area around the seed, providing starter benefit as well as continuous phosphorus availability. Pro-Germinator represents the overall philosophy of AgroLiquid’s commitment to generating maximum crop response. A unique formulation that involves carbon chelation, phosphorus in Pro-Germinator is protected until the plant is ready to absorb it, resulting in high efficiency of use.

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Sure-K® from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers


Sure-K® from Agro-Culture Liquid FertilizersSure-K® from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers Not only have years of replicated research proven that recommended applications of Sure-K are more efficient than other potassium fertilizers, Sure-K’s formulation allows for flexible application options, making it a valuable tool for growers. It's gentle to live plant tissue, making it safe for both foliar and fertigation application, as well as suitable for both planter-time and sidedress applications. This flexibility allows application timing to match the nutrient needs of the crop and improve operational efficiency by reducing trips across the field. Prescriptive applications of readily usable potassium benefit crops where quality is important to profitability.

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microLink® from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers


Balance is critical to crop performance, and it’s not just limiting factors that apply. An excess of one nutrient can cause reduced uptake of another, creating a deficiency even where sufficient micronutrients exist in the soil. An excess of potassium may compete with magnesium uptake. In some fields, heavy phosphorus application may induce zinc deficiency. Even excess iron may cause manganese deficiency. In addition to reduced yield, crops grown with insufficient micronutrients — whether because the soil is deficient or proper uptake was prevented — may exhibit reduced quality. With a soil test, AgroLiquid’s micronutrient products can be economically applied at planting time to prevent yield- and quality-robbing deficiencies.

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Micro-Pack from FHR


Micro-Pack is produced by combining naturally occurring bacteria, while adding organic carbons, naturally occurring kelp and seaweed. Micro-Pack has a broad label, including corn, soybeans, vegetables, fruit and nut trees and more. Micro-Pack may be added to any starter programs or as a stand-alone product as a seed coating. This fertilizer can also be applied as a nutrient spray to increase beneficial microflora on the surface of the leaf tissue. The performance of Micro-Pack has been exceptional from plant health to yield response, inexpensive and effective. It hydrates new seedlings, provides key nutrients known to increase rootlet activity, supplies bacteria that maintain root health and includes plant hormones known to stimulate root development.

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aMAIZEing from FHR


aMAIZEing Starter is produced by combining nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. This product is unique from all others because when producing the U-trough starter, we use a dual-core, water-processing system. This will increase our products availability. aMAIZEing Starter can be used on most field crops, vegetables, fruit and nut trees and more. Since it contains 100% orthophosphate, which is immediately available to the seeding or plant, aMAIZEing Starter may be used in small amounts as a starter fertilizer. aMAIZEing Starter has a pH of 7, making it as safe as water and effective as a foliar spray. aMAIZEing Starter can also be applied through drip-irrigation systems.

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B-Hume from FHR


B-Hume is a soil biology activator. It contains humid acid, fulvic acid, carbohydrates and naturally fractured polyhydroxy acids. B-Hume also contains trichoderma, azotobacter and mycorrhizae, which are beneficial soil micro-organisms. B-Hume establishes a growth medium for beneficial soil microbiology. This allows the soil microbes to establish an explosive population, increases their growth and increases their metabolism. This aids the crop in resisting soil pathogens and reduces stress due to environmental changes. As the microbial population increases, fertilizer and nutrients should be made more available to the roots in a plant-usable form. B-Hume can be mixed with most fertilizers and soil amendments.

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Solvita Soil Biology Test from Woods End Labs


Solvita® is a new soil test method from Woods End Laboratories which measures soil CO2 respiration, the biological expression of soil fertility. This innovation makes measuring the activity of soil microbes practical and cost-effective. Solvita is available in two applications: one for the field and a quantitative form for the commercial laboratory. Years of evaluation show these traits are directly linked to potential nitrogen mineralization. The ability to accurately measure the turnover of soil carbon, linked to natural nutrient cycles, will help provide farmers informed guidance to reduce unneeded nitrogen fertilization while providing insight into soil improvements from sound practices.

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Wolf Trax DDP® Nutrients


Ensuring adequate early-season nutrition can be challenging, particularly when soils are cool and wet, as cool soils limit nutrient mobility and availability. Wolf Trax DDP Technology delivers important nutrients like zinc, boron and copper early and effectively. When used as a fertilizer coating, DDP Nutrients are evenly distributed in the field with close proximity to plant roots. And the patented PlantActiv™ Formulation ensures that DDP Nutrients avoid soil tie-up and remain plant-available well into the growing season. Be your crop’s superhero this spring, ask your retailer for Wolf Trax Innovative Nutrients.

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Protinus® Seed Nutrition from Wolf Trax


Getting your crop off to a good, healthy start is critical to its long-term performance throughout the season. Protinus delivers a strong start for your crop, helping it reach its full growth and yield potential. Protinus seed-applied fertilizer improves seedling growth by providing small amounts of important nutrients right after germination – before the plant can access soil nutrients on its own. By improving early plant nutrition, growers see the benefit in crop establishment, larger seedlings with longer, more developed root systems and the ability to withstand challenging growing conditions. Protinus Seed Nutrition is manufactured by Wolf Trax – manufacturers of innovative plant nutrition products.

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PureGrade from Nutra-Flo


The PureGrade product line is a select group of low-salt, chloride-free liquid fertilizer grades that are high in orthophosphates. PureGrade fertilizers can be safely used in proximity to the seed, roots and foliage for better fertilizer efficiency. GoldStart grades are the most popular and economical, being high in orthophosphates. Diamond grades are 100% orthophosphate and Premium grades are 50:50. Other PureGrade specialty products include 10-4-3 Foliar Microblend with five essential micronutrients; Super 72 Slow Release Nitrogen; and MicroSolutions micronutrient packages.

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MicroSolutions from Nutra-Flo


Liquid MicroSolutions offers growers a quality lineup of six solo micronutrients and three micronutrient blends. Solo micronutrients include zinc, calcium, copper, manganese and iron – all fully chelated – and nonchelated boron. Blends include RGS® Root Growth Stimulator, Corn Mix, Soybean Mix and Wheat Mix. Add MicroSolutions with liquid fertilizer to help correct and/or prevent micronutrient deficiencies. MicroSolutions are compatible with all types of fertilizers, including 100% orthophosphate grades and most popular crop-protection chemicals. The MicroSolutions line of chelated micronutrients have the highest level of efficiency, which means growers can use less product per acre to achieve the same results as compared to nonchelated nutrients.

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MycoApply® Liquid Endo from Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.


MycoApply® Liquid Endo (Seed & Furrow) is a highly concentrated liquid of four top-performing endomycorrhizal fungi in purified water used as a soil drench or seed inoculant. MycoApply® Liquid Endo (Seed & Furrow) contains mycorrhizal fungi that colonize plant roots and extend the root system into the surrounding soil, greatly enhancing the absorptive surface area of root systems, forming an essential link between plant and soil. The plant enjoys improved nutrient and water uptake, root health and superior field performance. MycoApply® seed and furrow is well suited for use with liquid rhizobial inoculants and starter fertilizers, making it ideally suited for soybean growers.

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N-Yield Nitrogen Urease Inhibitor from Eco Agro Resources


NEW! N-Yield™ is an environmentally friendly nitrogen urease inhibitor used to treat urea-based fertilizers to improve retention of nitrogen content in soil. It contains a safe solvent system that stabilizes NBPT (n-butyl thiophosphoric triamide) to help inhibit the conversion of urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide, resulting in greater efficiency. When N-Yield™ is blended with urea and UAN fertilizer, it improves nitrogen retention, allowing it time to move into the soil. This allows crops more time to absorb nutrients. The impact of more nitrogen availability, under the right growing conditions, may lead to higher crop yields. N-Yield Technology can be found in Nitrogain by Arclin.

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Gypsoil™ Brand Gypsum


Healthier soils. Better crops. Gypsoil brand gypsum helps farmers improve crop productivity by providing valuable nutrients and by improving soil structure for better plant rooting and moisture utilization. Gypsoil also helps prevent the loss of nutrients and topsoil from agricultural fields. Gypsoil is calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4-2H2O) or 13% to 16% sulfate sulfur and 20% calcium. Each ton of Gypsoil supplies roughly 320 pounds of sulfate sulfur and 400 pounds of calcium. For more about Gypsoil and how gypsum benefits crop production, call us at 1-866-GYPSOIL (497-7645) or visit us online.

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Carbon Boost® from FBSciences


The benefits of positive plant health start when your crop gets the most out of your fertilizer. Unlike other nutrient enhancement products that work in the soil, Carbon Boost® works inside the plant to rapidly take up and utilize nutrients. Carbon Boost is the only product that improves the efficiency of all nutrients in all forms, so your crop works as hard as you do. In third-party field trials, Carbon Boost has demonstrated significant yield increases on field, row and permanent crops in dryland and irrigated conditions. Only Carbon Boost improves the efficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as all secondary micronutrients.

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Nachurs N-Rage® liquid fertilizer is manufactured by utilizing the highest quality raw materials coupled with urea triazone technology to provide a very agronomically efficient source of N-P-K. The quality of the raw materials used to formulate Nachurs N-Rage® liquid fertilizer minimizes saltindex, providing safe foliar use and minimizes equipment corrosion. Plant safe at recommended rates, Nachurs N-Rage® may be used with crop-protection products. Nachurs N-Rage® provides slow, even release of nitrogen for a period of about 30 days when foliar applied, the most efficient form of nitrogen available. Nachurs N-Rage® also contains 100% orthophosphate and 100% EDTA chelated manganese.

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Nachurs HKW6®


Soybeans have a critical need for phosphorus and potassium from germination through reproductive stages, where maximum yield potential is determined. Nachurs HKW6® fertilizer ensures that the soybean plant has adequate available phosphorus and potassium to aid maximum yield potential. Give your soybean plant a strong and uniform emergence with Nachurs HKW6® seed-placed starter. When foliar-applied to plant foliage, nutrients are absorbed quickly throughout the plant for healthier soybeans to maximize yields. Nachurs HKW6® fertilizer can also be tankmixed with most glyphosates and fungicides to save soybean growers time and money. Nachurs agronomists always recommend a jar test for compatibility.

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Nachurs CornGrow TQ®


Nachurs CornGrow TQ® is manufactured with 100% fully EDTA chelated iron, manganese and zinc. Unlike other micronutrient sources, such as complexes, partial chelates and natural organic complexes, Nachurs EDTA chelated micronutrients are 100% available to the crop. Nachurs CornGrow TQ® is also powered by Torque for optimum corn growth. Torque with LCO Promoter Technology® for corn enables your crop to achieve its full genetic potential by enhancing nutritional capabilities that drive natural growth processes, maximizing plant health and crop performance. Specially formulated for easy, flexible application with Nachurs liquid fertilizers, Torque takes the genetic potential of corn to a new level.

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Crystal Green® from Ostara


Crystal Green® Plant-Activated™ nutrient technology provides tubers with slow-release phosphorus, plus nitrogen and magnesium. Meeting peak phosphorus demand midseason and remaining plant-available all season long, Crystal Green helps increase marketable yields, improves internal quality and minimizes nutrient loss for a positive ROI. Dust-free, low-salt index, uniformly sized granules are easy to blend and apply, so Crystal Green is not only good for potatoes, it’s good for budgets, too. Its unique citrate-soluble dissolution responds to plant-demand, so unlike conventional water-soluble phosphorus fertilizer, Crystal Green releases over time for optimized uptake.

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Midwestern BioAg L-CBF 10-14-1


Midwestern BioAg’s L-CBF 10-14-1 is a liquid carbon-based N-P-K starter fertilizer derived from pure domestic sugar cane molasses and quality feed-grade plant nutrients. The carbon (sugar) content of molasses feeds soil microbes to warm the soil in early spring for quicker nutrient cycling and vigorous root growth. L-CBF 10-14-1 has a unique chemistry that will maximize your fertilizer dollar on every acre. It provides safer, more effective and more efficient nutrient utilization of N-P-K — according to field trials, that means healthier plants and higher yields. Try L-CBF 10-14-1 on your operation today!

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Sure Crop Seed Energizer


Sure Crop Seed Energizer seed treatment, with added sulfur, micronutrients and biostimulants, provides a nutrient-rich environment that stimulates faster, more uniform germination in newly planted crops. Sure Crop Seed Energizer enhances root vigor and healthy, energized earlier-maturing crops. It helps to optimize yields for all crops — corn, legumes, small grains, forages and grasses. Seeds may be treated with Sure Crop Seed Energizer either as a single seed treatment or blended with other seed treatments. For ease of application, it may also be blended with liquid starters and applied in-furrow. For more information, please contact Sure Crop Fertilizers, Seneca, Kan., at (800) 635-4743.

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EndoMaxima® Mycorrhizal Seed Inoculant Concentrate from Soil Secrets of Texas


Increase yield and germination rates, decrease water consumption, help eliminate nematode problems and build healthy, loamy soil with the help of EndoMaxima® mycorrhizal seed inoculant concentrate from Soil Secrets of Texas. Guaranteed to contain a spore count density of at least 1.45 million viable spores per pound, EndoMaxima® treats 5 acres with just 1 pound and will not plug the planter to ensure high performance. EndoMaxima is screened multiple times to remove root tissues, dead fungal tissues, soil and other impurities to maximize spore viability. Contact Bob Mattson at (806) 549-6585 for details on how EndoMaxima® can improve your soil’s biological performance.

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SoilBiotics Conventional And Organic Growth Systems


SoilBiotics Conventional and Organic Growth Systems provide a comprehensive line of nontoxic, high-grade, mined and natural earthen products which may enhance or increase micronutrient uptake in the soil and plant. Let SoilBiotics show you how our comprehensive and easy to use Growth Systems can help you and your farming practices. From seed preparation to post-harvest soil maintenance, SoilBiotics Conventional or Organic Growth Products are formulated to work together to provide a continuous and highly beneficial conventional or organic growth system to meet and surpass all of your agricultural needs. Your worst acres are our biggest success stories!

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