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July 28, 2016
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DuraLok seed-lock wheel. Fits JD 50/60/90 drills and Case’s SDX. Highly wear-resistant material. Narrower to fit the furrow better. Sleek and narrow hub that’s proven to better shed mud, stalks, and straw than OEM & aftermarket firming wheels. Built with top-shelf, custom-built, triple-lip seal NTN bearings that comes with 3-year warranty on bearings. Tire won’t pull out of the rim! Learn more >>
Introducing the CropScan 3000H, the first reliable and accurate on-combine quality analyzer. — The concept is simple: Install a sensor on your combine that will analyze your harvested crop for qualities such as protein and moisture in wheat and barley, or oil, protein and moisture in canola. Link the quality readings with GPS locations to create a map for agronomic improvements. Learn more >>