Crop Protection

Crop Protection Product Roundup 2014


"Product Roundup" of the latest Crop Protection offerings from some of the industry's leading suppliers.

Nufarm's Spitfire® Herbicide


Spitfire® herbicide provides true belowground burndown of broadleaf weeds. Optimized for burndown ahead of corn, soybeans, cotton and many other crops, Spitfire works to effectively control more than 65 weeds — including those resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibitors and PPO herbicides. Spitfire utilizes a dual-auxin mode of action premix to create a hormonal imbalance within the targeted weeds, resulting in quick knockdown. Plus, this premix works with a wide variety of adjuvants and offers year-after-year, crop-rotation flexibility. Treat fields with Spitfire for weed control that will ease planting and ensure optimum yields, all while managing the risk of herbicide-resistant weed populations.

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Nufarm's Cheetah™ Max Herbicide


Cheetah™ Max herbicide uses two leading active ingredients in a dual-mode formulation to quickly eliminate the most troublesome grass, sedge and broadleaf weeds in cotton and soybeans. Cheetah Max is specifically formulated to combat weeds difficult to control with glyphosate alone or are resistant to glyphosate and ALS-inhibitors. And it works fast — Cheetah Max delivers ultimate pre-plant control by killing weeds in days instead of weeks, virtually eliminating weed competition from Day 1. Residual activity provides lasting pre-emergence control of more than 25 broadleaf weeds, including Palmer amaranth, marestail, waterhemp, lambsquarters and yellow nutsedge. Cheetah™ Max is pending registration.

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Nufarm's Panther™ Herbicide


Panther™ herbicide provides long-lasting residual control of a broad spectrum of tough broadleaf and grass weeds, including most broadleaf weeds resistant to glyphosate. Offering flexible rotation options to many crops, Panther is an excellent pre-emergence broadleaf option for soybean, cotton, corn and peanut growers. Plus, Panther fits into your production schedule — apply in the fall for a clean start in the spring, apply early for pre-plant burndown or apply preplant or pre-emergence for residual control in Roundup Ready® systems. Used as part of a labeled burndown program, Panther enhances the speed of control on a broader weed spectrum.

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Headline AMP® Fungicide From BASF


You don’t need more acres to get more bushels of corn. You just need the fungicide that outperforms the competition — Headline AMP® fungicide. With industry-leading disease control and proven Plant Health benefits, including increased stalk strength and tolerance to weather stresses, Headline AMP fungicide delivers more yield than any other fungicide at tassel. Get the most out of every acre. Get Headline AMP fungicide.

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Contans WG Fungicide From SipcamAdvan


As a grower, there are plenty of variables you just can’t control. But white mold doesn’t have to be one of them. The key is eliminating the source of the disease. Contans® WG is the only preventative fungicide that lets you fight the source of white mold in the soil before it ever impacts yields. Last year, Michigan State University researchers found that a spring application of Contans resulted in a 481-pound-per-acre yield increase in edible beans and a 13-bushel-per-acre yield increase in soybeans. Contans can be applied with many pre-emergence herbicides and glyphosate for cost-effective, one-pass application.

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Skyraider™ Insecticide/Miticide From MANA Inc.


Skyraider provides broad-spectrum control against soil and foliar insects on soybeans, cotton and other crops. Hosting an optimized formulation of pyrethroid and neonicotinoid activity, Skyraider delivers fast knockdown and long-lasting residual. Plus, its dual modes of action provide direct contact, as well as systemic and translaminar activity. Skyraider offers flexibility in either early- or late-season applications to control more than 140 pests like aphids, spider mites and Japanese beetles. With Skyraider, growers get complete insect control that helps protect their investment while simplifying time management.

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Torment™ Herbicide From MANA Inc.


Introducing Torment — an extremely flexible broad-spectrum pre- and post-emergence herbicide for soybeans. Torment delivers up to 45 days of residual control against 65 grasses and broadleaves, including those resistant to glyphosate and HPPD and triazine inhibitors. A first-of-its-kind weed-control tool, Torment combines two popular active ingredients with different modes of action. Plus, it extends application timing far beyond competitive products and without risk of crop damage. Torment’s industry-leading wide window of application eliminates barriers — both before and after crop emergence. Thanks to Torment, protecting soybeans just got easier.

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