Crop Protection

Crop Protection Product Roundup 2013


"Product Roundup" of the latest Crop Protection offerings from some of the industry's leading suppliers.

Stalwart MTZ Herbicide from SipcamAdvan


Stalwart® MTZ is a valuable new herbicide generating powerful results when applied to soybeans during the critical early-season window. By shutting down even the most resistant weeds like waterhemp and pigweed during the germination stage, Stalwart MTZ protects vulnerable soybean plants from competition for moisture, light and nutrients. Powered by two proven chemistries, metolachlor and metribuzin, Stalwart MTZ comes in a pre-mix that is easy to apply to both conventional and Roundup Ready soybeans. Early weed control on the front end broadens growers’ post application window, allowing greater flexibility for a second herbicide application.

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Contans WG Fungicide from SipcamAdvan


Contans® WG fungicide attacks before white mold can even think about touching your soybeans. By going after the source – sclerotinia – in the top 2 inches of soil, Contans breaks the cycle of disease before it starts. Unlike traditional foliar treatments, Contans reduces sclerotia in the soil to deliver long-term results, including increased yield. You can also rest easy knowing that in both wet and dry seasons, Contans will have you covered. Growers can apply Contans early in the season with many pre-emergence herbicides and glyphosate for cost-effective, one-pass application.

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Skyraider Insecticide/Miticide from MANA


New Skyraider™ insecticide/miticide provides broad-spectrum control against soil and foliar insects on soybeans, cotton and other crops. Skyraider touts an optimized formulation of proven crop protection technology that includes two different modes of action to offer growers a new choice for insect control and a new tool in resistance management. With its quick knockdown and longer residual control, Skyraider has flexible application options for control of damaging pests such as aphids, Japanese beetles, grasshoppers, loopers and stink bugs. Additionally, Skyraider simplifies handling and preparation steps for growers and applicators.

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Torment Herbicide from MANA


New Torment™ herbicide offers the first residual weed control of its kind, combining two popular active ingredients with different modes of action for control of 65 grasses and broadleaves, including those resistant to glyphosate and HPPD and triazine inhibitors. Torment provides up to 45 days of residual activity and can be used as a pre-emergence or early post-emergence application. It also has excellent compatibility with glyphosate when post-emergence applications are desired. Torment delivers superior efficacy against tough-to-control weeds, using advanced technology that aids growers with their resistance management programs.

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