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Focus on Biology for Better Soil Health

Focus on Biology for Better Soil Health

For farmers aiming for sustainable and profitable crop production, optimizing soil health and function is the ultimate endgame.

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No-Till Farming 101

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Focus on Biology for Better Soil Health
For farmers aiming for sustainable and profitable crop production, optimizing soil health and function is the ultimate endgame.

What You Should Know About No-Till Planters
For no-tillers, the planter is the most crucial piece of equipment on their farm. This article will take you through the basic components of a no-till planter and provide you with tips for no-till planter maintenance from experienced pros in the industry.

Digging Into the Principles of Regenerative Ag
Based on the principles of building healthy soil, regenerative ag aims to not only sustain farm productivity but to actually work with nature to regenerate the soil, increase biodiversity and enhance the farming ecosystem.

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  • Lessons Learned from 2012 Drought Could Mitigate 2021 Issues for No-Tillers

    With much of the U.S. facing conditions similar to those of the 2012 drought, a look back at lessons learned suggests adjusting management plans may help protect no-till yields and increase resilience.
  • Pay-for-Performance Incentivizes Conservation Practices

    Incentivizing the implementation of conservation farming practices can be a challenge, but a growing awareness of the role agriculture can play in reducing the impacts of climate change could mean more money in farmers' pockets.
  • Lessiter_Frank.png

    Canadian No-Tillers Penalized

    SASKATCHEWAN NO-TILLERS certainly aren’t in a cheerful mood these days when it comes to carbon sequestration. It’s because they recently learned growers who use minimal tillage or low-soil disturbance cropping systems could be shut out of the potentially lucrative Canadian market for carbon credit offsets.

  • John Dobberstein 2

    Spotting Water Stress from the Sky

    Work being done by a European company’s Earth observation program could unveil insights on how evapotranspiration can be more accurately measured and the data used to help farm management.

No-Till Farmer Podcast

[Podcast] Minimizing Environmental Impacts of Farming with Healthy Soils

For this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, we chat with independent agriculture consultant Bill Stangel of Madison, Wis., who joins us to discuss some of the ways farmers can minimize environmental impacts by focusing on developing healthy soils.

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Planter Maintenance with Precision Planting

The Heart of Your Planter Needs an Annual Check-up

The meter is the heart of your planter. So if you think about every seed that gets placed in the furrow, it starts at your meter. An uncalibrated meter will cost you yield and money, reducing your profitability.

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The Planter Maintenance series is brought to you by Precision Planting. Precision Planting, LLC is the leading provider of practical and effective precision ag technologies to help make farmers smarter every season.

No-Till Passport Series

‘Going Nuclear’ on Soil Erosion Losses in Uganda

The livelihoods of millions of Uganda citizens is rooted in the highlands — the mountainous or elevated regions of the East African country. These regions play a significant role in agriculture, which is the main source of income for many Ugandans, including for 70% of working women. These regions are also recognized as one of the key hotspots where land degradation, due to soil erosion, is rampant.

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Cover Crop Strategies

Cover Crop Strategies

The editors of Cover Crop Strategies and No-Till Farmer created this 24-page special report to share ideas on getting covers established, using a roller-crimper for termination, successfully integrating livestock into a cover-crop system and using covers to transition away from an overdependence on herbicides and fertilizers. 
Covering Up, Part 4: Getting Results with Innovative Cover Crop Systems

Covering Up, Part 4: Getting Results with Innovative Cover Crop Systems

In this 32-page special report, you’ll read about some of the farmers and researchers who are pushing the boundaries of cover crop management, discovering new ways they can extend the growing season, supplement grazing, capture more sunlight, feed the biology underground and even improve the bottom line.
Turning Your Sprayer into an Effective No-Till Asset

Turning Your Sprayer into an Effective No-Till Asset

Make your spraying operations an even more valuable tool for your no-till system with this special 32-page management report. Get up to speed on the cost-saving precision spray technologies available on the market and pick up several how-to tips on improving application effectiveness. Plus, hear first-hand from No-Till Farmer readers as they share some of the updates they’ve made to their sprayers to ratchet up performance.

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Discover numerous tools and application strategies at your disposal today including the case for moving nitrogen (N) applications in corn to later in the season and the potential that crop sensors are showing for targeted N applications to increase efficiency and profitability. Plus, learn about certain species of cover crops that can fix significant amounts of N.

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