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The Formula For No-Tilling 300-Bushel Corn (NNTC 2010 Presentation)- MP3 Download

Growing 300-bushel no-till corn, Fred Below says, requires a through understanding of management factors impacting crop productivity, their respective values and how it interacts with the weather. The University of Illinois plant physiologist says the “Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World” was developed to teach farmers and ag professionals the value of individual crop management decisions.

Along with important prerequisites like weed and pest control, soil pH, phosphorus and potassium, the seven wonders rank the top factors that can positively — and sometimes negatively — impact corn yields, and assigns a bushel-per-acre value to each one.

Below will explain how optimizing all seven wonders can result in grain yields of 260 bushels per acre. Under- standing each “wonder’s” ranking, and its interaction with the other “wonders,” gives you an opportunity to grow no-till corn yields of 300 bushels per acre.

(Total Run Time: 46 minutes; File Size: 52.9 Megabytes)

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