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equipment archive

Yetter floating sharktooth trashwhips
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06/ 8/2010 - 2:17 P
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Mark D Hamlin
I have the Yetter sharktooth trashwhips with depth wheels. Having trouble with them loading with soil. Thought maybe they had to scour off.After many times of knocking the soil off, they fill right back up.Some say I have to go to the straight teeth.I would like to make sharktooth blades work, being I already purchased them.
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05/ 7/2012 - 4:20 P
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Nicholas Kaye
Mine have been getting slightly loaded between the tip of the tooth and the depth wheel. Haven't planted into dry soil yet though, pretty sandy and no shortage of moisture. Planted a no-till field yesterday and they didn't do it so much, the strip-tilled ground has been the worst for it.
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05/ 8/2012 - 6:20 P
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collin jensen
I added Yetter depth wheels to Shark Tooth trash whippers this year. I have mostly clay soil and all notill. Late April and May have been very wet. I am pushing the soil to get some corn in. I see the same soil build up on the tips. As the soil gets dryer the dirt build up falls off. The depth wheels let me run them in the float position. I get a more consistent seed strip in float and less plowing or skipping.
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05/ 9/2012 - 9:06 P
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Kyle Geffert
We traded planters two years ago and the dealer wouldn't listen to what we wanted and put on Sunco row cleaners. They either plowed or barely skimmed the ground and were constantly plugged with residue. We are 100% no-till and they didn't work for us. We quickly replaced them with the floating Yetter shark tooth. We wouldn't have anything else. They don't plug and they will cut the residue. We have been without moisture in Kansas for about 1 1/2 years. But an occasional shower will make our soils sticky. The soil tends to stick to the depth wheels but doesn't bother the teeth. I agree with the other gentlemen, when you come to dryer soil or heavier residue the depth wheel will clean off.

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