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Strip-Till Strategies Archive



To help readers further understand strip-till, we've compiled some articles that have appeared in our Strip-Till Strategies e-newsletter.


6/15/12 Issue

Strip-Till Brings Better Stands In Continuous Corn — After no-tilling continuous corn for a year, Palo, Iowa, farmer Jim Keiper started strip-tilling corn 7 years ago to improve the seedbed, crop emergence, stand and yields.

Technology, Flexibility Makes Strip-Till Work — Some strip-tillers own toolbars and others hire a custom strip-tiller. But for many years, Atlanta, Ill., farmer Doug Thompson has used a fertilizer dealer’s toolbar that is set up for strip-till.

5/25/12 Issue

Strip-Till Economics Work For Nebraska Farmer — Seven years after switching from conventional tillage to strip-till, Nebraska farmer Mark Kimmel says he’s sold on the practice because it saves time, fuel and soil.

Custom Strip-Tilling Offers Benefits To Beginners — Hiring a custom strip-tiller allowed Cresco, Iowa, grower Frank Moore to switch tillage systems 3 years ago without buying new equipment. Moore ridge-tilled his corn and soybeans for almost 20 years and then no-tilled corn for several more growing seasons.

5/11/12 Issue

Roots Of Modern Strip-Till Found In 50-Year-Old Research — The images of the machinery being tested by the University of Missouri and USDA more than 50 years ago don’t resemble what strip-tillers are using today for corn, soybeans and other crops.

Minnesota Farmer Eases Into Strip-Till With Homemade Rigs — Fountain, Minn., crop and livestock farmer Paul Hamann and his son, Corey, managed a successful start in strip-till by building their own rigs.

Strip-Till, Growth Product Boosts Corn Yields — Combining strip-till with a plant-growth enhancement product increased corn yields up to 30 bushels per acre in 2010 field tests, says Mike Petersen, agronomist for Lexington, Neb.-based Orthman Mfg.

4/27/12 Issue

'Work The Zone' To Boost Strip-Till Fertility — Placing fertilizer both shallow and deep, and planting in the middle of the berm, can maximize your strip-till corn yields.

In Search Of...A Strip-Till Rig — If you could start over again, or upgrade your equipment, what kind of design and technology would you want in a strip-till rig?

4/13/12 Issue

Monitoring Soil Warmup In Strip-Till Provides Clues To Yields — Using a soil thermometer that also collects and stores temperatures can help strip-tillers learn invaluable information, says Jodi DeJong-Hughes, University of Minnesota Extension crops adviser.

Nebraska Farmer Saves Fuel, Time, Money And Moisture With Strip-Till — Paxton, Neb., strip-tiller Jon Holzfaster says his fuel supplier hates this story, but it's true.

3/30/12 Issue

Strip-Tilling Warms Soil, Improves Corn Emergence — After 9 years of using the Rawson 3-coulter zone-till system to plant corn, Jim Millett and his father, Joe, of Bailey, Mich., switched to strip-till in 1997 and have stuck with the system ever since.

Corn Yields Jump For Nebraska Strip-Tiller — Strip-tilling has increased dryland corn yields 30 to 45 bushels per acre for Scott Darling of Pender, Neb., since he started strip-tilling about 4 years ago.

3/16/12 Issue

Improving Seed-To-Soil Contact In Fall Strips — Just because strip-tillers got fields stripped in the fall doesn’t necessarily mean everything is fine now, says Kevin Kimberley, owner of Kimberley Ag Consulting, Maxwell, Iowa.

'Bio Strip-Till' Boosts Corn Yields — Using forage radishes and field peas for "bio strip-till" produced the fifth and sixth-highest corn yields of 53 test plots in 2010 at the Conservation Cropping Systems Project, a no-till demonstration farm near Forman, N.D., says farm manager Kelly Cooper.

2/24/12 Issue

Strip-Tiller Uses New Nitrogen Management Tool — After Iowa strip-tiller Frank Moore knelt down last Saturday and poked his fingers into the black dirt in one of his strip-tilled fields, he had one immediate conclusion.

NEW PRODUCT: Niffty Ag "Reaper" Strip-Till System — Niffty Ag, a new Illinois-based ag equipment manufacturer, unveiled its Reaper strip-till unit during the 2012 National Farm Machinery Show earlier this month. The machine is ideal for shallow spring use and deep fall tilling and fertilizer application.

Precision Fertilizer Placement Pays Off For Oregon Strip-Tiller — Jordan Bennett likes strip-till for the time and money it saves, the crop residue it leaves to protect sandy soils from blowing around, and for the water it conserves.

2/10/12 Issue

Managing Weeds Keeps Strip-Till A Viable Option — After more than 20 years of no-tilling corn and soybeans Iowa farmer Gordon Wassenaar decided in the fall of 2010 to shift to strip-till.

Strip-Till Offers Consistency With Heavy Clay Soils — A need for better corn stands led Todd and Greg Gustin to choose strip-till for their Ohio farm.

1/27/12 Issue

Testing, Banding And Flexibility Help New York Strip-Tiller Excel — When you ask Le Roy, N.Y., strip-tiller, no-tiller and zone-tiller Donn Branton how he's excelled at managing nutrients efficiently and profitably, he quickly cites three reasons.

Strip-Till Corn System Works Well For California Dairy Farmer — People often ask "If conservation tillage is so beneficial to your bottom line and yields, then why haven't people been doing it before now?" California strip-tiller, Dino Giacomazzi answers that question.

Guidelines For Strip-Tilling Continuous Corn In The Spring — Spring strip-till can help farmers who want to grow continuous corn to maintain soil conservation benefits and reduce production problems, says Randall Reeder, an Ohio State University agricultural engineer.

1/13/12 Issue

Strip-Tilling Corn Boosts Income For North Dakotans — After 14 years of no-tilling, Glenburn, N.D., farmer Robert Schaefer and his father, Dan, started strip-tilling their corn acres, a move that has increased yields 20 to 30 bushels an acre.

Strip-Tilled Sunflowers Compete With Conventional Tillage — Sunflower growers who use conventional tillage and switch to strip-till can expect yields and quality that will be at least similar, according to a 4-year North Dakota State University (NDSU) study.

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