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Spre - STS Strip-Till Sessions At 2012 National No-Tillage Conference

Several Strip-Till Sessions At 2012 National No-Tillage Conference

Among the 100 hours of learning opportunities at the 2012 National No-Tillage Conference are several classrooms specific to strip-till.

Strip-tillers Roger Wenning, David Legvold and Jeff Martin will offer techniques, equipment setups and more tips from their strip-till operations. The conference is scheduled Jan. 11 to 14, 2012, in St. Louis, Mo.

Here's a glimpse into each grower's operations:

Roger Wenning, strip-tiller from Greensburg, Ind.

** Roger Wenning of Greensburg, Ind., will share his reasons for strip-tilling in the spring and his fertilizer program. He will discuss how you can build your own strip-till rig, sharing his experiences starting with an IH 900 dry planter. He'll also discuss how he incorporates cover crops like annual ryegrass, cereal rye and red clover in his strip-till system.

David Legvold

** David Legvold of Northfield, Minn., will talk about how he has remained flexible in using both no-till and strip-till for raising corn. His session will provide how-to information for modifying planting equipment and use of new technology in blending various kinds of conservation tillage to fit varying soil conditions and cropping plans. Legvold will discuss the challenges of managing corn-on-corn in a long-term scenario.

Jeff Martin

** Jeff Martin of Mt. Pulaski, Ill., will not only discuss how he has successfully moved into a continuous corn system with strip-till, but he will offer details on building berms, equipment needs and adjustments, the role of vertical tillage prior to building strips, fertility programs, decisions behind fall and spring strip-till and even how to sell landlords on strip-till.

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20th Annual National No-Tillage Conference

Jan. 11 to 14, 2012

Hilton at the Ballpark, St. Louis, Mo.

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