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Spre - STS Featured Product Bigham Brothers 24-Row Strip-Till Machine

Bigham Brothers 24-Row Strip-Till Machine

Bigham Brothers Inc. of Lubbock, Tex., announces the manufacture and sale of the largest piece of 3-point farm equipment in the company's history.

Commodity crop producers Jerry and Jeff Shaddon of Hale Center, Tex. purchased the 24-row (30-inch centers) strip-till machine mounted on a 60-foot Bigham Brothers stack fold tool bar.

Bigham Brothers

This machine allows producers to perform tillage limited to the soil area needed for a seedbed, saving time, labor, and fuel while practicing soil conservation. The reach of the machine lets operators cover more land in less time, helping farmers complete work during narrow seasonal windows in large operations dictated by modern economic factors.

The stack fold toolbar aids safe transport of the machine by reducing width and height profiles while moving the implement. Hydraulic lift-assist wheels help the tractor lift the implement and stabilize it during transport.

This tool and others are available through the nation-wide network of authorized Bigham Brothers dealers.

For more information contact Joe D. Trent, Bigham Brothers, at


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