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Check out the newest Fertilizer/Fertility Products from the ag industry's leading suppliers.

FHR Farms-Defender

Defender G4 from FHR

Bio-Max Defender G4 is produced with sulfate forms of trace elements, organic carbons and glucoheptonate. This gives the grower a multiblend of trace elements that work well in the soil and as a foliar. While aiding in the correction of micronutrient deficiencies when using glucoheptonate, organic carbons and carbonates work as natural and biodegradable chelating agents to keep boron, copper, cobalt, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc available for plant uptake, while using sulfate-based trace elements. Bio-Max Defender G4 is effective in foliar and soil applications. For the best defense from micronutrient tie-up from environmental and chemical responses while being applied sequentially or mixed with a herbicide, there is nothing better.
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Chandler Soil from Midwest Bio-Tech

Chandler Soil is a nontoxic liquid enzyme product that builds soil structure and fertility. The enzyme formulation multiplies and feeds the beneficial microbes that convert fertilizer and soil nutrients for use by plants. Chandler Soil also increases the microbial life that forms soil aggregates, which allow more air and water to move in the soil. Chandler Soil users report less compaction, better drainage, more organic matter and higher yields. The product may be sprayed by itself or in a tankmix with other liquid fertilizers or pesticides, or it may be applied with starter fertilizer in the row. Chandler Soil includes a surfactant and does not require tillage.
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Pro-Germinator from
Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers

This low-salt, at-plant phosphorus fertilizer is safe to most seed crops and provides both a starter benefit and a continuous season-long availability of phosphorus. Pro-Germinator quickly assimilates into young plants to promote rapid, strong root development so the crop more efficiently utilizes both applied phosphorus and the P2O5 in the soil profile. It is formulated for controlled release of phosphorus and protection from fixation, which accounts for significant loss of applied fertilizer common amongst conventional fertilizers. A synergy of balanced nutrients, unique chelation and proper placement makes Pro-Germinator a superior liquid fertilizer.
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Sure-K from
Liquid Fertilizers

At recommended application rates, this liquid fertilizer source of potassium allows you to apply at more efficient rates than conventional sources of potassium fertilizers. Sure-K has been proven to provide superior results in no-till environments. Since it’s not a chloride compound, Sure-K contains no harmful carriers or components, and it carries a low-salt index and neutral pH. Sure-K provides application flexibility, including at-plant as part of a balanced fertility program; sidedressed for the addition of early-season potassium; and in a foliar application with or without crop-protection products for highly useable, in-season potassium.
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MicroLink from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers

Micronutrients are critical to balanced fertility and Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers has secondary element and micronutrient products that can be economically added to your at-plant fertilizer program to prevent yield-robbing deficiencies. accesS is a proprietary high-sulfur formulation that outperforms ammonium thiosulfate products. Micro 500 offers a synergy of zinc, manganese, boron and copper. LiberateCa allows precision placement of useable calcium. The MicroLink program also consists of individual secondary nutrient fertilizers, such as sulfur, magnesium, boron, copper, iron and manganese for a prescription approach.
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