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Cover Crop Seed

Check out the latest Cover Crop Seed offerings
from the ag industry's leading suppliers:

Saddle Butte Ag

Bounty Annual Ryegrass
From Saddle Butte Ag

Bounty has proven on thousands of acres to be the better annual ryegrass for winter survival and deep rooting. Bounty is easily established and can be aerialseeded in standing crop (preferred method), drilled or broadcast. Bounty is an exclusive variety of Saddle Butte Ag Inc.

Bounty will:

  • Lift organic matter
  • Increase water infiltration
  • Improve erosion control
  • Reduce soybean cysts nematodes egg counts
  • Significantly raise corn and soybean yields, especially during stress years.

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Cisco Seeds

N-Vest® Cover
Crop Mixtures from Cisco Seeds

The drought of 2012 showed us the advantage that N-Vest® cover crops bring to your farm. Along with a tremendous increase in soil-microbial activity, nutrient sequestration and an increase in organic matter, we witnessed one of the biggest attributes of cover crops – a tremendous increase in soil percolation, or the ability of the soil to absorb and utilize water, instead of running off. How important is this in July? Yield increases of 20% and more were noted in fields with cover crop vs. adjacent non-cover crop fields. Order your N-Vest® cover crops today to guarantee supply and price!

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