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Breaking News: December 2013

Article Title Publish Date
Most Read Items From In 2013 1-1-14
Herbicide Resistance And Weed Management Resources 12-31-13
AGCO Announces New Global Fuse Contact Center 12-31-13
Anthem Herbicide Approved For Use On Soybeans 12-31-13
Are Soil Nematodes Beneficial Or Harmful? 12-30-13
NRCS Updates Cover Crop Termination Rules 12-27-13
Resources For Selecting SCN-Resistant Varieties 12-27-13
What To Consider When Selecting SCN-Resistant Varieties 12-27-13
Wheat Variety Tolerance To Metribuzin 12-27-13
Producers Discuss Importance Of Improving Soil Health 12-26-13
Managing Marestail In No-Till Soybeans 12-23-13
Nutrient Availability And Value Of Poultry Litter 12-23-13
Major Global Cereal Crops May Have Reached Maximum Yield Potentials 12-23-13
Iowa Learning Farms Launches Cover Crop Calculator 12-23-13
Study: Cover Crops Use Water But Benefit Soil Health 12-20-13
Turning Weeds Into Ethanol — Why Not? 12-20-13
NCGA Announces National Corn Yield Contest Winners For 2013 12-20-13
Save Fuel, Money By Reducing Tillage 12-19-13
Mutant Corn Could Yield New Ways To Curb Rootworm 12-18-13
John Deere, BASF To Develop Sustainable Yield Enhancement Solutions 12-17-13
Orthman Opens Production Facility in South Africa 12-17-13
Dow, John Deere Collaborate to Help Farmers Link Data 12-17-13
Factors To Consider For Winter Wheat Survival 12-16-13
Yield Loss On The Edge Of Corn Fields 12-13-13
How To Build The Perfect Soil 12-13-13
Nufarm Introduces CATS Herbicide Lineup 12-13-13
National Webinar Announced On New USDA Cover Crop Termination Policy 12-12-13
CropLife Foundation Report Examines Value Of Seed Treatment 12-12-13
Industry Leaders Discuss Improving Limestone Reactivity Measurement 12-12-13
Kinze Announces the World's First Electric Multi-Hybrid Concept Planter 12-10-13
Dawn Equipment, 640 Labs Sign Agreement 12-10-13
Novozymes, Monsanto Team Up In Bio Ag Market 12-10-13
EPA Establishes Tolerances For Metaldehyde For Corn, Soybeans 12-09-13
Environmental Factors Affecting Glyphosate Performance 12-06-13
Seed Treatments For 2014 Soybean 12-06-13
Report: Conservation Practices Reduce Nutrients, Soil Runoff In Chesapeake Bay 12-05-13
FBSciences Receives EPA Registration Of New Active Ingredient For PGR 12-05-13
Land O'Lakes, Inc., Acquires Geosys 12-05-13
Mimic Nature To Harvest Benefits Of Healthy Soil 12-05-13
How To Delay Rootworm Resistance To Bt Corn 12-04-13
New Initiative Focuses On Critical Role Of Soil Health 12-04-13
Exapta Expands Product Lineups, Releases Third Edition Of Educational DVD 12-04-13
Submit Applications For CSP By Jan. 17 12-03-13
Speaker Touts The Benefits Of No-Till, Cover Crops 12-02-13
Nature, No-Till Aid In Weed Seed Loss 12-01-13
Most Read Items From In November 2013 12-01-13


For more news, visit the news archive from November 2013.


No Till fields
Posted from: Bert, 12/22/13 at 11:11 AM CST
Does anyone have problems with uneven fields because of Badger mounds? If so, would you please send me a picture.

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