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Conservation Tillage Guide: November 2013

ntf october 2013

Vertical tillage…It’s a hot-button topic, and in a special report in this edition of Conservation Tillage Guide we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of the practice and let no-tillers show you how they use it on their farm. We also give equal time to no-tillers who don’t feel such tools belong in a no-till system.

A continuous-corn rotation may be appealing to no-tillers for many reasons, but heavy amounts of residue can be challenging. We’ll share practices and planter setups that fellow no-tillers and experts believe can contribute to a successful corn-on-corn system.

We also cover national corn-yield contest winner David Wolfskill’s no-till secrets for 300-bushel corn, and how you can get the most out of phosphorus and potassium applications.

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Beating Rain And
Taking No-Till To Pasture

John Kemmerman found that purchasing his own no-till drill allowed him to tackle long-overdue pasture seeding and create a better farm system.

Climbing The Ladder To 300-Bushel No-Tilled CornClimbing The Ladder
To 300-Bushel No-Tilled Corn

Manure applications, in-furrow fertility treatments, ship-shape planters and 3 decades of 100% no-till are helping Pennsylvania no-tiller David Wolfskill reach record corn yields.

New Rules May Open Door For Cover CropsNew Rules May Open Door For Cover Crops

No-tillers who follow the NRCS’ new guidelines on termination dates can reap the benefits of covers without losing their crop insurance.


Cut, Chop, Smooth, Mix: Vertical Tillage Seeks No-Till Role

Cut, Chop, Smooth, Mix:
Vertical Tillage Seeks No-Till Role

Vertical-tillage tools are helping no-tillers and strip-tillers size residue, prepare seedbeds, reduce weed pressure and improve planting conditions. 

Isn’t Vertical Tillage Still Tillage?

Some passionate no-tillers and strip-tillers share why they feel vertical-tillage units don’t have a place on undisturbed soils.


Tips For Making No-Tilled Corn-On-Corn SuccessfulTips For Making No-Tilled
Corn-On-Corn Successful

No-tillers and planter experts share their advice in working through tough corn residue and achieving good stands in continuous corn.

No-Till Soybean Specialists Find Profitable NicheNo-Till Soybean
Specialists Find Profitable Niche

Illinois no-tillers Matt and Connie Hughes have conquered high management requirements and are successfully no-tilling soybeans for seed production, and raising non-GMO varieties to snag rising premiums.

Focus On Precision Ag Reaps Strip-Till BenefitsFocus On Precision
Ag Reaps Strip-Till Benefits

GPS guidance, variable-rate seeding and other technologies have provided Ohio’s Brian Watkins with 145% return on investment.

Fix-It List For Strip-Till
Rigs Goes Beyond The Iron

Technology updates and assessing field conditions are becoming increasingly critical for successful strip-tilling in the spring or fall.

Twin-Row, No-Tilled Corn, Soybeans Pay OffTwin-Row, No-Tilled
Corn, Soybeans Pay Off

The quest for bigger yields and healthier plants led Ohio no-tiller David McNeilan to establish a twin-row system.

Variable Rate Technology Plants Seeds of ProfitVariable Rate
Technology Plants Seeds of Profit

Once they commit to the practice, no-tillers often find that managing planting populations on the go can cut seed costs and maximize yield.

Tips For Getting
More From Your ‘P And K’

Building healthier no-till soils, frequent soil testing and other readily available products and practices can help no-tillers stretch their fertility dollars further.

No-Till, Covers May Ease Nutrient-Loading IssuesNo-Till, Covers May Ease
Nutrient-Loading Issues

The success of no-till, cover crops and nutrient stewardship in Indiana’s Eagle Creek Watershed could serve as a blueprint for preserving farmland productivity without sacrificing water quality.


Vertical Tillage: Focus On End Goals

No vertical-tillage tool performs every task, so it’s best to do your homework and ask hard questions, says columnist Daniel Davidson.

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