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Breaking News: April 2013

Article Title Publish Date
Adjusting No-Till Burndown Programs for Later Planting 4-30-13
How Much Of The 2013 Corn Crop Will Be Planted Late? 4-29-13
Glyphosate-Resistant Common Waterhemp Confirmed In Nebraska 4-27-13
Early No-Till Pioneer Honored With Bust 4-26-13
Poor Burndown Activity On Cover Crop Wheat And Horseweed 4-26-13
USDA Develops Phosphorus Management Tool 4-25-13
Suggestions For Reducing Spray Drift 4-23-13
Plant-to-Plant Uniformity Essential For Optimum Yield In No-Till Continuous Corn 4-23-13
Assessing Freeze Injury to Winter Wheat 4-22-13
The Planting Date Conundrum For Corn 4-20-13
Entomologist Offers Guidance on Controlling Slugs in No-Till Soybean, Corn Fields 4-19-13
Nitrogen Key To Uptake Of Other Corn Nutrients, Study Shows 4-19-13
Automatic Text Alerts Added to Precision Planting's FieldView Plus System 4-18-13
Herbicide Resistance: Are Soil-Applied Herbicides Immune? 4-18-13
How Much Starter Can I Use On My Corn? 4-15-13
Kentucky Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center Upgraded 4-14-13
Corn Seeding Rates Among Tough Decisions For Farmers 4-14-13
Applying Dicamba Prior To Planting 4-12-13
Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto Cross-License Advanced Corn Trait Technology 4-11-13
Growing 100 Bushel Soybeans In South Dakota 4-11-13
White Planters Introduces 9000 Series with All-New 12-Row, Narrow-Transport Row-Crop Model 4-11-13
Mitas In Iowa: One Year On 4-9-13
Valley Irrigation To Be Featured On FOX Business News, The Green Room 4-9-13
NRCS In South Dakota Urges No-Till As Drought Continues 4-9-13
Crop Insights: Herbicide Carryover Potential in 2013 Crops 4-8-13
On-Farm Research Results: Sugar Applications
To Corn And Soybeans
Spring Soil Nitrogen Following Drought Of 2012 4-6-13
How Should You Price Custom No-Till Work? 4-4-13
Corn Growers: Assess Wireworm Risk Prior To Planting 4-4-13
Cover Crop Burndown Considerations 4-3-13
Most Read Items From In March 2013 4-1-13
Some Easy Ways To Calibrate Your Sprayer 4-1-13


For more news, visit the news archive from March 2013.


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