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Breaking News: July 2012

Article Title Publish Date
Nutrient Removal With Drought-Stressed Corn 7-30-12
Soybean Cyst Nematodes In Iowa More Damaging In 2012 7-29-12
Spider Mites Causing Problems In Some Fields 7-28-12
No-Tiller Is Regional Farmer Of The Year 7-26-12
Purdue Scientists Working On Drought-Resistant Crops 7-24-12
How The Western Corn Rootworm Resists Crop Rotation 7-23-12
Funds Available In Kansas For Cover Crops 7-22-12
Palmer Amaranth Identified In West-Central Illinois 7-20-12
Estimating Corn Yield Potential In Dry Soils 7-19-12
Glyphosate-Resistant 'Superweeds' May Be More Resistant To Diseases 7-18-12
Water Stress And Nutrient Deficiences 7-17-12
U.S. Drought Covers Widest Area Since 1956 7-16-12
Crop Injury From Atrazine Carryover Still An Issue 7-15-12
Illinois Drought Update: Corn Is Critical, Soybeans Hanging On 7-14-12
Precautions With Late-Season Herbicide Applications 7-13-12
USDA Unveils Streamlined Disaster Designation Process 7-12-12
House Committee Approves 5-Year Farm Bill 7-12-12
Q&A: Foliar Fungicide Applications In Field Corn 7-11-12
Global Potash Supply Capacity Could Outstrip Demand By 2020 7-10-12
Controlling Marestail In Double-Crop Soybeans 7-9-12
The Value Of Soil Organic Matter 7-8-12
Considerations For Harvesting Drought-Stressed Corn 7-7-12
U.S. House Version Of Farm Bill Cuts Conservation Programs By $6 Billion 7-5-12
Gearing Up For Western Bean Cutworms In Ohio, Pennsylvania 7-4-12
Opportunities For Summer Cover Crop Seeding 7-3-12
Drought Stress: Soybeans Hide It Better Than Corn 7-2-12
New Fungicide Questions Creep Into The Conversation 7-1-12



For more news, visit the news archive from June 2012.



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