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40th Anniversary Header

No-Till Farmer's 40th Anniversary Coverage

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No-Till Farmer 1972 issue cover

Premiere Issue - November 1972 

(This is a .pdf file with a size of approximately 5.6 MB. You will need a .pdf reader to download the file. Here is a link to the Adobe Reader website, which is one of the programs that opens .pdf files.)


What I Learned From No-Tilling

What I've Learned From No-Tilling

Sharing and learning are still cornerstones for the Young family (right), who planted the first commercial no-till field in southern Kentucky 50 years ago.

40 No-Till Legends

Frank Lessiter's 40 No-Till Legends

Check out these highly talented folks who’ve had a tremendous impact on no-tilling since 1972.

6 Advances in No-Till

6 Innovations That Boosted No-Till

Agricultural manufacturers have played a key role in the development of no-till from its pioneering days to its recent growth.

50 Years of No-Till

50 Years Of No-Till Milestones: A Timeline

Technology, research and sheer determination transformed no-till into a profitable practice spanning 90 million U.S. acres.

Why There Aren't More No-Tilled Acres

Why We Don't Have 95% No-Till Acres

No-till has come a long way in the past 35 years, but is way short of the overly optimistic acreage projections made in 1975.

PLUS: Read the original 1975 article about USDA's no-till predictions below.
1975 article Original 1975 article about USDA's no-till predictions


The Young Farm, Herndon, Ky.

Alex Young CRP Land thumb

Bringing CRP Into Production

Alex Young, son of John Young, describes how various decisions have impacted their crop production at their no-till plot in Herndon, Kentucky.

Where No Till Started thumb

Remembering Where No-Till Started

John Young, talks with  Editor Frank Lessiter about the history of no-till farming. John's father and uncle were among the first in the nation to experiment with no-tillage techniques back in 1962.

Missing Sign Caper thumb

The Missing-Sign Caper

No-tiller John Young of Herndon, Kentucky, tells the story of how a historical sign on his farm plot went missing and how it eventually reappeared.

The Brooks Farm, Markesan, Wis.

Allan Brooks of Markesan Wis

No-Till Proves Its Worth (with Allan Brooks)

No-Tiller Allan Brooks, of Markesan, WI, explains the differences between barley and oats as cover crops. He shares why he has chosen barley as his cover crop of choice.

Howard Martin, founder of Martin Industries

Howard Martin's early days in agriculture

Howard Martin's Early Days in Ag

Howard Martin, founder of Martin Industries, talks about what influenced him as he grew up and how he became the successful businessman and entrepreneur he is today.

Martin Industries is Created thumb

Martin Industries is Created

Howard Martin shares the story of how Martin Industries was created.

Where Martin Row Cleaners Started

Where Martin Row Cleaners Got Their Start

Howard Martin shares where he tested Martin Row Cleaners, as well as other planter attachments and technologies that made no-till work better.

Howard Martin explains how to succeed in business

How Martin Industries Grew Its Business

Martin explains what being a businessman means to him and give insight into how his business has stayed around as long as it has.

Eugene Keeton, engineer and inventor of several key farming technologies

Eugene Keeton Invents Finger Pickup

Eugene Keeton Invents Finger Pickup

Eugene Keeton explains how he developed the idea behind the finger pickup system.

Eugene Keeton Invents Brush Meter

Eugene Keeton Invents Brush Meter for Kinze

Keeton talks about the development of the Brush Meter that was eventually adopted by Kinze. Howard Martin joins him.

Eugene Keeton Creates the Seed Firmer

Eugene Keeton Creates the Seed Firmer

In this video, Eugene Keeton tells the story of creating the seed firmer. He is accompanied by Howard Martin of Martin Industries.

Making the Seeder Firmer

Making the Seeder Firmer

Eugene Keeton talks about his efforts to enhance the Seed Firmer.

Testing the Seed Firmer

Testing the Seed Firmer: Keeton Travels to Gregg Sauder's Farm

Eugene Keeton explains his travel to Gregg Sauder's farm to test the seed firmer.

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